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15.11.2012-22.11.2012 Philip Challinor

This England team - dash it, indict 'em!
These Indians - why can't we fight 'em?
See, there goes a wicket,
A wicket, a wicket -
(Repeat until ad infinitum).


08.11.2012-15.11.2012 El Flaco

Romney's run has now come to a close
With his views not so far from Pangloss
His best possible world
Has completely unfurled
With Latinos outnumbering Anglos

08.11.2012-15.11.2012 Patrick McKeon

C.I.A.'s General Petraeus
Has quit for a fling, but I say thus:
Is it not just his life?
Between him and his wife?
Or did this General betray us?


08.11.2012-15.11.2012 Patrick McKeon

At last my new iphone has come
And I navigate well with my thumb
But although it's called called smart
The embarrassing part
Is the way Siri makes me feel dumb

08.11.2012-15.11.2012 Patrick McKeon

Obama's opponent was stiff
But for him not much more that a tiff
But there's no time to gloat
As we paddle our boat
To the top of the great fiscal cliff