How It Works

You can send us your own limericks and enter our free and fun weekly limerick competition to compete against other aspiring Limerickers – no I don’t know if it’s a real word either. The weekly winner will receive a £10/€10 Amazon gift voucher. Enter free as many times a week as you have ideas for limericks! And remember, we’re looking for limericks about this week’s news. 


It’s simple...

  1. Become a member of Limerick Central
  2. Submit your limerick by midday on Thursday UK time each week. You can enter as many limericks as your creativity allows!
  3. We pick the winner and send him/her a £10/€10/$15 Amazon voucher
  4. We pick and publish the winning limericks from all those that made it to the others we liked page during the week!

Before you enter, please read the...

Content Guidelines

Limericks have a history of being bawdy, to use a rather old fashioned term, and, in some instances extremely risqué.  Given that we’re trying to bring limericks regularly to a wide audience, we need to ensure that anything we publish must be able to be read and enjoyed by the majority of people.  So while we’re fine with ‘edgy’ material, we won’t publish anything with very rude words (you know what they are).

..and the...


Competition Rules


...should be original. Obviously we have no way of checking everyone but we will do spot checks via the internet – however it’s your originality we want to recognise and reward so we’re sure you’ll enter in and into the spirit of it.

...should make reference to news stories within the last week. Stories may be local/international/sporting but remember that we’re based in the UK and, though we read the papers, we may not understand very local references (funny though they may be).  Feel free to include a link to the story your limerick is about.

...should conform to the form of the limerick but not necessarily rhyme or scan. Clever/subversive can sometimes trump rhyme!

...must be capable of being published to a wide audience - edgy is ok/explicit is not.

Edgy - Daring, provocative, or trend-setting
Explicit – Using offensive/graphical language – a personal call but we’ll rely on you to know where the boundary lies.

...will have to be in English but may include the clever use of foreign words.


In judging limericks, we’ll award points for originality; clever use of language, including rhyming; anything which captures the spirit of or displays a particularly erudite insight into the subject and things which just make us laugh – ironically, that’s difficult to put into words! Needless to say, as with all totalitarian competitions: The Judges’ decision is final!

Deadlines, Deadlines!

Limericks must arrive by Midday UK time on each Thursday.

Enter Now! It’s Free!